Fast Bible

Simplify your Bible reading experience.

Fast Bible is an APP designed to simplify your Bible reading experience. Lighting FAST. AD FREE. OFFLINE. Simple and clear user interface with only functionalities that are essential to reading your Bible. As a result, you may enjoy reading the Bible, DISTRACTION-FREE.

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do not disturb

No Distractions

No ads*. No pop-ups. No notifications. Only the Word. Fast Bible does not disturb you when you are reading the Bible.

* User may choose to view ads to support the developer.



No Internet? Not a problem. You can still read the Bible with Fast Bible. You will never see a loading screen.*

* Certain functions may require internet access, such as downloading new Bible translations.

lighting fast


Quick loading speed. Easy navigation, Everything about Fast Bible is, well, FAST⚡. Get to the books and verses quicker.

Yet another Bible app. Why?

Fast Bible is carefully designed to resemble paper-Bible experience while bringing some goodness from a smartphone.

When we open a paper Bible, we want to read the Word. We believe our Bible app should bring the same experience when opened. We don't see pop-up ads when we open a paper Bible. We don't see daily devotional or verse of the day when we open a paper Bible. We don't even see a book selection or chapter selection menu when we open a paper Bible. We want our Bible app to be distraction free.

We don't want our app to do everything. We just want our app does one thing well. That is helping us enjoy reading the Bible. We are plenty of apps out there that does everything else. There are Evernote and Google Keep for taking notes. There is Kindle for reading devotionals and other Christian literature. There is Spotify for listening to Christian music. There is Youtube to watch Christian videos. By cutting off unnecessary functions, we are able to get rid of overwhelming menus and options, And as a result, we keep our app simple, clear and easy-to-use.

When it comes to designing our app, we push it further. Prioritize the essential functions by their usage. Most used functions are only one-tap away. For example, "Next Chapter" is THE most used function when we read the Bible. Therefore, we add two "Next Chapter" buttons on the reading screen. So you can always tap it easily however you are holding your phone. For more advanced functions, we put it into menus that require two or three taps.



Available in-app

- King James Version

- World English Bible

- American Standard Version

- 简体和合本

- 繁體和合本

- La Biblia Reina-Valera

- 개역성경

- Tagalog Ang Biblia

Fast Bible supports importing .pdb Bible files. Learn more in the user guide

You can search, find and download .pdb Bible files on the Internet, like here

If you own a digital copy of Bible in a different format, you may also be able to convert it into a .pdb file. You can follow the guides on the Internet like this one

Meanwhile, we are working on licensing more translations. We endeavor to make as many available as possible.


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