Bible App

We all read the Bible as Christians, if not every day. Having a Bible app can be convenient when you cannot carry a Bible with you. For example, you can turn on your smartphone and read the Bible while commuting. Bible apps also bring some extra features that you can’t get from paper Bibles, such as changing translations, playing audios, sharing on social media and etc. Meanwhile, people can prefer a paper Bible when they want to disconnect themselves and have a quiet time with the Word of God.

The Best - The Bible App (aka YouVersion)

The Bible App, with more than 300 million downloads, is the most popular Bible app on the market. It offers more than 1200 versions in more than 900 languages for free, including the popular ones such as NIV, KJV, and ESV. It also offers a rich set of features and related contents. Verse of the day. Audio Bibles. Reading plan. Video clips. One of the drawbacks is that the menus can be a little overwhelming as it has to accommodate so many options. Find more from the app page

New Competitors - Fast Bible / NeuBible

Fast Bible is a new Bible app that focuses on simplicity and the Bible itself. It’s free. And it only shows ads when the user chooses to. That allows the users to have a distraction-free time enjoying the reading. Even though it’s simple, it still provides the most essential features, so that user still gets the convenience from a smartphone. At the time of writing, Fast Bible offers 8 translations in 6 languages. You also get the option to import more digital Bibles if you have access to .pdb Bible files. The app is available for both Android, iPhone, and iPad. Learn more here

NeuBible is a modern Bible app thoughtfully designed for delightful, distraction-free reading. It is arguably the best on the market in terms of graphic design. It has a similar objective to Fast Bible - reading experience. It successfully achieved the objective with its clear interface and elegant design. The fonts, the themes, they are just beautiful. The app is not free, though. At the time of writing, it costs $4.99. And it’s only available for iPhone and iPad. It offers 9 translations all in English, with some translations requires additional in-app purchase. Visit the app page


Feature The Bible App Fast Bible NeuBible
Price Free Free $4.99
Play Store Available Available Not Available
App Store Available Available Available
Translations 1200+ 8 9
NIV Free Not Available (Can Import with .pdb File) Available as In-App Purchase
KJV Free Free Free
ESV Free Not Available (Can Import with .pdb File) Available as In-App Purchase
Languages 900+ English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Filipino English
Design Feature-Rich Simple & Clear Elegant
Offline Support Requires Download Offline by Default Offline by Default
Audio Bible Available Not Available Not Available
Bookmark Available Not Available Not Available
Note-Taking Available Not Available Not Available
Additional Content Available Not Available Not Available
Sharing Available Available Available

For Kids

If you have kids, you probably have some kids Bibles. They share the same goal. Make the Bible stories easy for kids to understand, by either rephasing the text, adding pictures, or both. When it comes to the smartphone, an app makes the story-tellings interactive, so that the kids can better enjoy reading it. Bible App for Kids is the go-to app.

Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, kids explore the big stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids is a delight-filled experience designed to encourage kids to return again and again. It’s the beginning of a lifelong love of God’s Word. Check out the app page


Reading the Bible itself can be difficult at times for some Christians. Daily devotionals make it easier to bring the teachings of the Bible to life. It helps to strengthen and shape our souls, trains us for spiritual battles, and cultivates our relationship with God.

First 5

Frist 5 is a free app. As suggested by the name of the app, it offers 5-minute daily devotionals to start your days. Although it’s designed primarily for women, it never hurts to read the devotionals for men. Here’s the website

There are also several daily devotionals apps offered by pastors and ministries, such as Billy Graham and Joyce Meyer. If you are a fan of them, give their daily devotionals apps a shot.


Apart from the apps, there are also many devotionals available as eBooks, such as The Upper Room, Our Daily Bread, Portals of Prayer, and The Word Among Us. You can always read these using an eBook app, such as Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play Books.


Through reading the Bible and devotionals, we hear from God. And through prayer, we talk to God. It’s a great privilege. It’s also a hard work.

Echo Prayer

This free app allows you to organize your prayer topics. Setup prayer schedules and alarms. Track prayer progress. Record answers to your prayers. And share with your in-app family members and friends.


If you have the calling to pray for world missions, PrayerMate is probably a slightly better choice for you. In addition to the essential features such as managing prayer topics and prayer schedule, it offers a default world mission prayer topic from Open Doors USA.

Note & Alarm

If you don’t even bother downloading another app for prayer, you can always use a note app and an alarm app to record your prayer topics and remind you of your prayer schedule. Fortunately, there’s usually one comes with the phone pre-installed. And you can always replace them with your favorite note app and alarm app.

Listen to Christian Music

Everyone loves music. Using songs, praises, and worships, we express our joy, our hope, our love. Some music calms us down, Some music lifts us up. With an music, now Christians can carry their playlist around.


Spotify is the #1 music app available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. You can find all the latest Christian beats as well as some classical hymns on their platform. With its dedicated Christian section, it’s pretty friendly for people who are just looking for Christian music. The only drawback is the ads, you either need to pay for the premium version or get disturbed from time to time.

Radio Station Apps

Nowadays, Many radio stations offer apps for their radio channels. Although you cannot choose the songs you want to listen, you get it for free. And there won’t be many disrupting ads. K-LOVE is one of them. You will also likely be able to find your local Christian radio stations in Play Store and App Store.

Sermons & Messages

It’s always best to join the worship at a local church and listen to the sermons live. However, sometimes Christians can miss sermons for various reasons. Sometimes a sermon that you really want to listen to is preached in a different city, state or even country. And other times you may just feel like listening to some extra messages. Thanks to God that modern technology allows us to record videos and easily share them across the Internet.


As YouTube has become the most popular video-sharing platform, and pastors and ministries start to publish their sermons and messages there. There’s already a huge archive of these videos. The major issue with YouTube is that you can easily be distracted by other eye-catching contents that this platform has to offer.


What do Christians do during their leisure time? Sports, reading books, picnic. And watching faith-and-family-friendly TV programs or movies can be an option.

Pure Flix

Pure Flix is a Christian movie studio that produces, distributes, and acquires-Christ centered movies. In their app, you can watch their movies, short films, as well as some TV series, all faith-based. It’s not free, though. It costs $10.99 a month. Not that expensive compared to your typical cable TV bill.

Download Fast Bible, and start reading the Bible today, without distraction.